Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Something NEW is Lurking...

As you have noticed, I have been out of the RC glider loop some 5-6 years. Its a long story suffice to say I am well and really never lost the RC glider bug. It just got put on the shelf and now its been brought forward a bit. Everybody has life and priority changes and I have to be honest, RC'ing just wasn't a priority the last few years. But it does interest me again as I now see in such a short period of time, great advancements in RC electro technology and new thinking on glider design. This always interests me and I believe I am going to get on board again exploring new ways of silent flight.

First off, this isn't a business for me, its a hobby that I am passionate about pushing my creativity in the form of great flying models. I am a self-taught engineer by trade which always requires very detailed attention to the small things as much as the main problems that need solving. So what is the main problem and the small details that surround aerobatic modeling today? Lets put this in context.


Wow, that's pretty out there! Agreed and I would have never thought I would encounter much more venture into this problem solving endeavor. Slope soaring supplies all the required tools to successful traditional and VTPR aerobatics very well thank you. That is unless...

I'm going to stop short here until I can present to you a basic flight video of what I am working on that hopefully will generate new and exciting interest with modelers and pilots alike.

Good Lift???



Here we have an assemblage of build photos on the 71" GRYPHON wing and fuselage. It may appear to be a difficult build but its an easy ship to fabricate actually. The key is to ensure things are straight and true for a good flying model. Pausing the video to see and read the details will help you assemble and have fun doing it. Enjoy...

Happy soaring... Eric

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Laser-cut GRYPHON is here!

After 43 years of history since its introduction by Ron Neal, Old S'CooL Hobbies is happy to announce the availability of the Laser cut GRYPHON. The 71" Laser GRYPHON is a direct replacement of the original model designed by Model Dynamics. This has been a work in progress we are proud to make available to modelers who enjoy working with balsa wood enabeling them to minimize building time. We hope you choose to build one of these classic flying wings and enjoy its superb smooth performance on the slope.

Right click on images to view full size in a new window.

Friday, January 4, 2013


A few progress images of our 3m Hybrid AIR-100h build that is currently underway. The fuselage is nearly finished. Wing panels are about to be skinned...

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

SONIC 2.5m French Aerobat

The SONIC 2.5 is a model we at Old S'CooL Hobbies are proud of bringing to the US. We are the first and hopefully not the last. It took over 16 months to source, design and assemble this great aerobatic glider. And it was worth the wait. As stated by the great aerobatic RC pilot, Guillaume Leroyer who made this model famous in Europe - "The Sonic is a glider par excellance with no equal in its class". Watch for more soaring videos of the SONIC right here in 2013 as well as our sister blog, Slope VTPR Aerobatics

It is hoped Old S'CooL Hobbies will be able to bring this model to you in the form of a short kit. We are currently exploring this option.